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About the Team

Matt Cavalier
Software Engineering
System Architect / Chief Engineer

I have some interest in designing systems and I enjoy striving for good code quality and applications of the S.O.L.I.D. principal when it comes to the software that I write. In the summer following my graduation, I will be returning to work full time for the Principal Financial Group designing software.

Joel May
Software Engineering
System Admin

I have a passion for writing code. I specialize in low level and backend code, with a focus on security. I am working on a Cyber Security minor and pursuing a master's in computer engineering. I have skills in Windows and Linux system administration.

Maddie Andreassen
Software Engineering
Meeting Scribe

I am primarily interested in development. I am most experienced in front end development due to past/current internships, but school has given me a good foundation for development on all ends.

Luke Sternhagen
Software Engineering
Testing Manager

My focus while at school has been on front end development. My main focus has been using JavaScript and NodeJS for online applications. At my current job I currently work on writing tests for the company's website. So I hope I can apply what I've learned there to this project in my role as Test Engineer.

Matthew Burket
Software Engineering
Report Manager, Repo and Schedule Manager

I want to help organizations to be more secure in their systems and data. I am also pursuing a minor in cybersecurity. I also have experience in Linux administrator as well.

Ryder Schoon
Software Engineering
Point of Contact, Meeting Facilitator

I have a large focus on backend web development and databases, and find my joys in analyzing data sets. I have been doing full stack web development for my current internship for over a year.

Rick Astley

Our team's favorite song.